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Dewayne Walker has coached some of the finest Defensive Backs in the NFL like Hall of Famer Ty Law, Pro Bowler Denzel Ward, and NFL corners Prince Amukamara and Davon House. 







"One of the things that make Coach Walker a great coach is that the emphasizes the basics. He enjoys teaching alignment and technique. Fundamentals is a huge priority in today's game especially because it looks like some coaches are going away from that."

Prince Amukamara NFL Corner

prince with ball.jpg

"What makes Coach Walker a special coach is how he demands perfection out of every player in the room. How he emphasizes the basics at the position he coaches. A big fundamental and understanding what the offense wants to do to you. Walker would always say, 'If you read with your eyes. the offense will tell you what there doing' "

Davon House NFL Corner


Dewayne has coached on the staffs of coaching legends like Bill Belichick, and Pete Carroll along. With a career that spans thirty years Dewayne has also worked with Gus Bradley, Steve Mariucci, and Greg Williams. Dewaynes contemporaries like Robert Saleh the Defensive Coordinator of the 49ers and Scott Hazelton the Defensive Coordinator for Michigan State share their thoughts about Dewayne.

Coach Walker has dedicated many years to the game he has developed not only the games best players but he's also molded some of the games best men. His knowledge, attention to detail and conviction is unmatched.

Robert Saleh Defensive Coordinator San Francisco 49ers


Samantha Jones, Project Manager

"Dewayne Walker is one ofthe top technical coaches in this business. I had the opportunity to work with him at Jacksonville and since then each and every DB coach I have worked with has went to clininc and talk ball with him. He has been a very big  part of helping our defenses be as good as they have been. He is a great man and his technical skill has helped some of the best corners in the football" 

Scott Hazleton Defensive Coordinator Michigan State 

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