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Dewayne Walker Defensive Backs


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This section highlights some of the unique experiences and insight that DWDB has to offer. Lessons learned from being in the trenches in some of the most legendary games and players. 



The proof is in the pudding. Take a look at just a few of the players Dewayne has coached and mentored. You will also see the coaching trees that Dewayne is a part of. 



Where do coaches go to become better coaches? What resources are available for educators who teach life lessons through football? In one of the most competitive fields in the world where are the "safe places" to get the answers to tough questions that confront coaches at all levels? Welcome to DWDB, Dewayne Walker Defensive Backs. Dewayne Walker has over 30 years of cocaching experience from Pop Warner to the NFL.  He has been mentored by the legends of the game from Tony Dungy, Bill Bellicheck to Pete Carroll. He has coached Hall of Famers like Ty Law and Troy Polumalu and coached and mentored All Pros like Denzel Ward and Jalen Ramsey. Dewayne has the wisdom and know how to enrich your coaching experience but more so than that a desire to see coaches and players get better and a willingness to share that knowledge. 

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